Project Management

Outline Brief

The service entails provision of a one stop shop management of all the processes in connection with projects for and on behalf of clients, including establishing client’s requirements, advising on the need for various consultants, management of the tendering and construction processes up to project completion.


• Advise on the need for various consultants, recommend firms, negotiate and agree conditions of engagement and draft contracts
• Establish lines of responsibility, authority and communication with and between consultants
• Check applications for payment of fees and make recommendations

Final Brief

• Analyse Client’s detailed requirements and brief with other Consultants and agree the responsibilities of the Consultants in developing and realising the brief
• Develop programme with the Client and Consultants
• Establish regular meetings and procedures for meetings
• Monitor progress and report regularly to the Client

Tendering and Contract

• Consider procurement strategy and the contract type to meet project circumstances and selection method for tenderers, prepare list of contractors
• Investigate prospective tenderers (e.g.questionnaire, bank references, meetings, etc)
• Advise on Contractor’s insurance and performance bonds
• Compare tenders, prepare reports on tenders, make recommendation to the Client
• Arrange for contract documentation


• Establish a framework for monitoring progress and financial control
• Co-ordinate work of Consultants and Contractors and report regularly to Client
• Advise on any legal implications of events occurring during the construction period
• Provide opinion and/or obtain legal advice
• Apportion cost of project for taxation or other purposes
• Check applications for payment of fees and make recommendations to the Client

Post Construction

• Co-ordinate inspections, handovers and commissioning
• Obtain “as built” drawings, test certificates, final reports, tax allowance certificates and warranties
• Make arrangements for move-in, telephones, staff relations, furniture, furnishings and equipment

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