Facilities Management

Outline Brief

• Discuss the requirements of the project/facility with the Client to establish the level of Facilities Management required
• Visit the facility, whether existing or under construction
• Liaising, meeting with original design consultants, Client’s representatives, etc to establish records such as As-built Drawings, Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals, etc.

Establishing Facilities Management Requirements and Strategic Analysis

• Establishing scope and extent of services on the project or existing facility, e.g. air-conditioning, electrical installations, lifts, Building Management Systems (BMS), steam installations, piped gases installations, building maintenance, etc.
• Analysing the services on the project or existing facility to establish the level of Facilities Management services required

Developing a Facilities Management Strategy

• Formulating a suitable strategy for managing the maintenance of the building and the services
• Identification of needs of the facility – identifying core and non-core businesses, services or activities
• Identification of processes to meet the needs and effective management of the same
• Deciding whether to provide such services in-house or to outsource them
• Management of information

Developing Maintenance Strategies For

• Corrective (unplanned) maintenance
• Identification of needs of the facility – identifying core and non-core businesses, services or activities
• Predictive (planned) maintenance
• Preventive maintenance

Procurement of Service Providers

• Identify manufacturers/manufacturers’ agents/ service providers
• Prepare schedules of service providers based on service category
• Prepare pre-qualification documents and adjudicate submissions for service providers
• Prepare tender documents for pre-qualified service providers
• Adjudicate tenders and award of contracts for service providers

Preparation of Service Level Agreements with Service Providers

• Advise on the need for various service providers to execute the maintenance work, recommend firms, negotiate and agree conditions of engagement and draft contracts
• Establish lines of responsibility, authority and communication with and between Facilities Managers, Contractors, Client & End Users
• Formulate time frames or periodic intervals for payment of service providers

Preparation of a Facilities Management Budget

• Prepare budget estimates, both short term and long term, and ways to achieve value for money over the long term
• Identification of sources of funding, if necessary
• Monitoring the budget in and out fl ow, reporting back to Client
• Prepare cash fl ow projections based on life cycle costing principles

Implementation Stage

• Managing the Service Level Agreements to ensure that service providers perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreements
• Processing applications for payment from service providers and recommending payments to the Client
• Preparing periodic reports on the maintenance programme and progress, normally on a three months basis depending on the contract period
• Monitoring and reporting on the cost of maintenance in order to alert the Client of any costs associated with replacement if so required, of expensive items

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