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About Our Company

The Fitzwilliam Partnership (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd is a 100% citizen owned company. The practice first ventured into Botswana in 1989 and opened its office very soon thereafter.

Mr. O. T. (Puma) Mathware is the Managing Director of the practice. Even though the practice started off smaller in size in comparison to some of the longer established practices, it has grown in size over the past years and has been commissioned on many and varied projects and has established and is maintaining a reputation within Botswana for its technical abilities and the professional and efficient service it provides to its clients.

The Fitzwilliam Partnership prides itself with having retained amongst its ranks of senior personnel, very experienced professionals with a wide and varied range of experience in their profession. This has been achieved through the Directors’ recognition that the practice is only as good as the experience and expertise it retains amongst its staff.

Furthermore, the Company firmly believes that its primary resource and foundation of its success is its motivated quality staff, working in a stimulating environment. The Fitzwilliam Partnership Group personnel numbers have varied over the years depending on the market and workload. Currently there is a total of fifty five technical and administrative staff in the six offices of The Fitzwilliam Partnership Group in Europe, the Middle East and Southern Africa.

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Ventured into Botswana

The Fitzwilliam Partnership first ventured into Botswana in 1989 and opened its office very soon thereafter.


Change of Name

The partnership became an incorporated Company in December 2003 to be called The Fitzwilliam Partnership Botswana (Pty) Ltd. The Company has continued to trade as The Fitzwilliam Partnership.


Citizen Ownership

The Company became 100% citizen owned.


Awarded Major Project

The Company was awarded its biggest project, Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BUIST) Founding Campus in Palapye with a contract sum of 429 million Pula, through design and build.

Quality Assurance

We operate systematic and committed management control of all processes which affect the quality of our work. Our approach to quality assurance is that our systems should be simple to be effective and not cumbersome or bureaucratic. Two senior members of our staff have recently completed courses with Botswana Bureau of Standards with a view to implementing an internationally recognised Quality Management System within our company.

Our Mission

Through leadership and innovation, to respond to the needs of society by offering our expertise in a wide-range of services. We will contribute to a sustainable environment and within this context, fully meet our clients’ needs while providing a solid return on investment.

Our Vision

• Provide an excellent standard of service
• Expand our skills and knowledge to serve our clients
• Continually build up our business through repeat work and referrals
• Be trusted advisers working with integrity to achieve success for our clients
• Be recognised as the ‘Quantity Surveyors of Choice’ in the Botswana construction industry and the SADC Region

Our Values

Stem from our firm belief that our primary resource and the foundation of our success is our motivated quality staff working in a stimulating environment. We believe that employee performance must be objectively and consistently stimulated, recognised and rewarded. We believe that effective internal communication is essential for personal and corporate success and excellence. We believe in continuous investment in corporate development and individual training.

Sustainability Policy

The Fitzwilliam Partnership is committed to Sustainable Development both through the advise that we provide to clients and in the way in which we conduct our own business. We effectively contribute to the financial, social and environmental well-being of the communities within which we operate and those of our clients and partners. The Fitzwilliam Partnership advocates that Sustainable Development requires to be embedded in our business strategies, decision making and practices at all levels to create long term success. We also believe that the provision of specialist Sustainable Development services and advice will play an important part in contributing to the success of our company.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing negative environmental impact and to developing a culture of continuous environmental improvements through the minimisation of waste, prevention of pollution potential by our actions and compliance with relevant environmental legislation. We strive to provide employees with an understanding of our environmental policy and their role in influencing improvement in environmental performance. We set and review key environmental objectives and targeting performance measures on an on-going basis. Where appropriate, we encourage and monitor our suppliers, contractors and clients to work to our environmental standards and we regularly engage with key stakeholders on aspects of environmental performance.

We are committed to successful outcomes

on time and within budget for all our projects across all sectors.

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